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Dental removal driver

Application domain: ?for dental implantology
Material: ?Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel
Type:? hand or machine
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Dental removal driver P79


Application domain:  for dental implantology

Material:  Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel

Type:  hand or machine


Products Description


LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of dental implant screwdrivers, such as  Screwdriver P79, Drill Stopper P31, Side Cutting Drill P150, Osteotome P175, Cranial Bur P216, Bone Saw P250, ect. We can produce a whole kit of tools for customers’ surgical cases.



Different functions of different types:

1. Tip holding function: stopper designed for the prevention of fracture of the holding part and occurrence of foreign matter such as blood stain during surgery

2.  Removing broken screws, this tool should be used together with the guide for each system. When the marked part of the reverse drill is exposed above the guide, connected to the fixture, make use of the screw-holder to remove the broken Screws

3.  Connector used for connecting the driver for square torque to the round torque wrench.


Different drivers with different function:

Use to tighten the screws with the engine or wrench

Use as connected to the mount or tap via the engine or wrench

Use for fixture placement

Exclusively for solid abutment, Octa-abutment, O-ring abutment




Circle cap can be prepared with different colors and different materials;


We can produce with different material grades and processing grades;


we can customize any circle cap of any color and material;


we can use different material and color, can also customize high wear-resistant PEEK/PPSU flat forming(not pure circle type) high-end ring of different colors.



driver ossa dello strumento medicale

flat screwdriver

Guide driver


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