Tap drill

Products Description:
Application domain: ??for dental implantology
Material: ??Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel,ceramic
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Tap drill P152

Products Description

Application domain:   for dental implantology

Material:   Ultra high rust-proof and high wear-resistant stainless steel,ceramic


       LZQ is an OEM factory that produces a variety of dental implant drills, for example, Profile Drill P144, Dental Milling Bur/ Zirconia Bur P245, High Precision Fittings P76, Abutment/Transfer P25, etc. We can also produce the complete surgical kits for customers.




Tool realizes the fixture's screw threads for D1 bone quality.

Functions as a wrench by using the tap driver as adaptor.


Use to reduce applicable torque on D1, D2 bone

When selecting tap drill, the length of tap drill should be one step less than fixture


mostly make standard, general-use, ordinary products, from which we are not so competitive . But we can replace or simulate the specialized, high-precise part, fixture, cutting tool, with special meterial, according to the requirements of drawings, samples. After once to twice test and improvement, we can make the same item as the the first-class original one, even better. And this requires great understanding and support for us. It would be greatly helpful if real samples (several of the new and old with best application result) or drawings with detailed information about size and the specification of the products are provided. You can also visit our website http://www.numvf.com.cn/dzyb/cn.html from www.50323322.com (www.numvf.com)for electronic catalogue reference, from which detailed information for every product is available, including the material, size, drawings of semi-finished and final products, producing equipment and their value(USD)(for the judge of their working performance). You can also provide the deficiency of the original products, like easy-to-passivate, or tipping, or something else, and the material and hardness HRC will also be appreciated too.




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